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When investing in a new floor you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of your money. Many homeowners lean towards the popular choice of laminate flooring; this man-made product has many practical benefits for in-house flooring, and is mainly noticed for its durability in even the busiest households.

With a huge variety of looks, thickness, widths and lengths, laminate flooring is adaptable to all homes, and with modern generation laminates, you can enjoy high quality, stylish flooring that mimic either wood or stone for the fraction of the price of organic flooring. Don’t waste your money and time on hard to maintain alternatives and invest in the realistic option of laminate flooring in Chichester and throughout Hampshire.

Benefits of Laminate Chichester

Some are off-put by the common misconception that laminate flooring is cheap and therefore looks it – our large range of stylish designs prove this wrong, you don’t have to trade anything in style for our low price of laminate flooring in Waterlooville.

We find that people assume they know the basic idea of laminate flooring; however, many are surprised by how many benefits laminate flooring can bring to a household at such a low cost:

  • Reasonable price – this is obviously the main attraction to laminate flooring, for a reason.
  • Durable – you can enjoy the benefits of laminate flooring for years without replacing.
  • Easily replaced – if there is damage to a single board it can easily be replaced.
  • Realistic, stylish design
  • Easy to clean – keep your house hygienic with easy, wipeable laminate flooring.
  • Pet-proof – fur, mud and scratches are a no longer a worry.
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Fit and forget – laminate requires extremely low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-term warranties – most manufacturers offer long warranties for laminate flooring, just ask us to make sure. 
  • Underfoot warmth
  • Won’t fade – laminate flooring doesn’t fade in direct sunlight.
  • Easy, cheap installation – our fast installation can also be used straight away, and as it’s simple, installation doesn’t eat into your budget.

Domestic and Commercial Laminate Flooring in Hampshire

Laminate flooring adapts to both residential and commercial services in Hampshire. Laminate is perfect for commercial flooring as it can withstand a high amount of footfall as well as a needing less tending to than other floorings. With a high level of resistance and durability, laminate flooring can handle any task, this makes for the perfect workplace or business flooring that can also add a professional style to your space. We offer laminate flooring throughout Hampshire including:

  • Waterlooville
  • Chichester
  • Portsmouth
  • Eastleigh
  • Southampton
  • Winchester
  • And surrounding areas

Grab your Laminate in Waterlooville today

If you would like any more information on how laminate flooring can fit into your home, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01243 850962 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online and request a FREE quote or email us at contact@flooringinnovations.co.uk for a prompt response on any laminate flooring.

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