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A Carpet That Makes You Feel Like The King or Queen Of Your Palace With Every Step You Take

For the most part, surprises are something to be welcomed. Whether it’s your birthday or some other special occasion, they’re usually something to cherish.

But when it comes to getting a new floor installed surprises are the last thing you want to think about.

And it’s an unfortunate fact of life that “surprises” are all too common in the flooring trade.

Some operators may develop sudden amnesia about extras like underlay, door bars, fitting costs or other added “charges” which magically appear once the job is underway.

That’s why I believe in being transparent about what each job I undertake entails and what it will cost.

You’ll be educated in advance as to what carpets are right for your property, given your own set of circumstances.

Perhaps you’re a retired couple and wish to bathe your property in regal opulence with a carpet that makes you feel like the King or Queen of your palace with every step you take.

Or maybe your young family requires your carpet to stand up the rigors of everything a gang of tots and tweens can put it through.

Whatever your specific needs you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best quality carpet available for your budget.

I work directly with the UK’s most popular brands, from high-end luxurious carpets like Axminister, Wilton and Victoria to more cost effective solutions like Polyester and Polypropylene based carpets.

But a quality carpet brand means nothing if your flooring company lacks the proper expertise to ensure it fits your floor like a glove.

Often it’s all too easy to select a fitter based on the lowest common denominator, one of price.

But while choosing the cheapest operator typically saves you money up front it will cost you a lot more later on.

From carpets that point-blank refuse to stay down to others as lumpy as the Exmoor Hills, your average cheap operator is usually priced that way for a good reason.

Some operators may “forget” to install new gripper rods on your carpet’s perimeter. Now this means the job gets finished quicker and cheaper – but it also means two years later your floor will attempt it’s best Lazarus impression, and probably at the worst possible moment too.

Or with larger rooms they employ a practice of solely using a knee kicker to stretch all the looseness out of the floor in order to get that tight, “trampoline” effect which makes your beautiful new carpet a pleasure to walk on.

But while this sometimes may have the desired effect of getting your carpet tight, often it fails to hit the mark, leaving your carpet looser than a politician’s promise.

Which is why when it comes to bigger rooms I use a power stretcher to ensure your carpet gets fitted to exactly the right level of tightness.

Extra measures I believe are not just optional – but essential – to give you the thrilling carpet experience you truly deserve.

But while knowing your work is completed according to highest possible standards may ease your concerns somewhat, I appreciate it doesn’t go all the way.

Which is why I include an “iron-clad” no-quibble guarantee on all the installation work my team and I carry out.

Should anything about the installation not meet your high expectations, I will toil through the day and night to replace the carpet if needs be, or do whatever needs to be done to get your carpet fitted to the highest possible standards you’ve come to expect.

I sincerely doubt you’ll need my guarantee mind, as none of my clients over the space of 25 years have ever required it. They’ve all been more than satisfied with the high standards of carpets I’ve fitted for them.

But be that as it may, my “iron-clad” guarantee gives you the peace of mind to know if anything may go wrong, you’re entirely covered.

So perhaps you like what you hear, and are interested in knowing more? You can find out more with just one phone call.

Call Andrew Pepall on 01243 850962  to find out how I can meet your carpeting needs today.


Andrew Pepall


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